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Pet CArriers

100% Safe & Breathable

Pet pawrent are ditching their old pet cage! Shop our Summer Sale and start your fun adventures. Veterinarian appointment, public transport (airline approved), car ride, outdoor activities and more.
Up to 50% OFF & free harness with all backpacks.

what our customers are saying

My Cat Jeffrey never liked it to sit in a transport Cage/bag. But he loves this one! It's so pretty and great comfort! Jeffrey is 5,5 kilograms, but this bag can hold much more! It is amazing, every Cat/Dog deserves to have this Adventure Backpack!

Oriental Fun

Charlie and Kitkat love their backpack! Charlie is scared of traditional carriers but hops right into the pack! KitKat loves to look out the bubble. The strap inside hooks onto their harnesses so there is no worries when Charlie looks out the top screen. Can't wait for more adventures with our adventure pack.


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