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Vet appointment, public transport or hiking, this backpack got you covered in a safe environment.


Berkley got the Arthemis large adventure backpack in grey for Christmas. He has already been out in it to visit the pet store, grandparents and walks. He loves it! When we pull out the backpack he jumps right inside.

Cheryl H

My Cat is needed to be indoors at all times.... And you guessed it, she's obsessed with outdoors! Getting this backpack has been a life saver to cure her adventure itch. After the first outing, she was jumping back into her backpack for more walks.

Dayna L

Such a roomie safe place for meow. Much nicer trip to the vet. He can choose his most comfortable position for travel. Peek-a-boo in the bubble or peeking up top in his convertible. No fuss entering at all. Who loves it more? Might just about even. I tried other before and they weren't great. Either tight and uncomfortable on him or terrible for my back and shoulders. No room for anything not even him really. This bad is epic and we love it. Thank you!

Melissa L

My cat loves his backpack! He’ll just hang out in there all the time. It’s a really great and safe place for him when we’re in the car as well. Just loop the seatbelt through the straps and you’re secure. This is a great product for your adventure cat!

Brittany L
Los Angeles, CA


Yes! Our backpack is airline and flight compliant. You just need to check the dimensions of our bag against the policies of the airlines.

Even if our backpacks are very popular for adventures, you can use it for veterinarian appointment, public transport & more!

It's very important to let them explore the backpack. You can also put toys or treats in it. Leaving it open in the house is also a great idea so it will become a place to sleep, play or hide.

Of course. All our backpack are safe and breathable. You can even attach your cat harness inside for more safety.