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This backpack is well made, sturdy, strong enough to carry my hefty cat and can fold down.
My cat is a big boy and can fit in it comfortably, and feels safe in the space. It’s stylish, lots of ventilation and you can choose a dome or just vents. Delivery was prompt. Not only great for walking but looks nice too.

Alexandra C.
Large Adventure Backpack

Very useful to take the cat to the vet. My back doesn't suffer because of Kuki's weight, and at the same time she can take whatever postures she wishes.
I also go to visit friends because she looks relaxed and feels protected from other pets.

Anna C.
Modern Backpack

My cat loves his backpack! He’ll just hang out in there all the time. It’s a really great and safe place for him when we’re in the car as well. Just loop the seatbelt through the straps and you’re secure. This is a great product for your adventure cat!

Brittany B.
Large Adventure Backpack

Very nice bag! Fafnir (my boy) loves going in it and sniffing the outside without ever having to touch that grass stuff he hates haha. Easily packs treats in the side bags and great for the little short trips he is comfortable with.

Nicole W.
Modern Backpack

The backpack was a perfect purchase as I am flying between Europe and North America. The wheels are easily detachable from the main frame via buttons next to the wheels and the structure as a whole is sturdy, the back pack straps are comfortable and the dark grey is a gorgeous colour. If you're worried about your pet soiling it and it leaking through this bag is perfect and field tested!

Irene K
Travelling Convertible Backpack

Ditch your pet cage

Our backpack allows you to always bring your fur baby with you. Shopping, outdoor activities, Starbucks? No problem! Arthemisclothing backpack is also perfect for public transport & veterinarian appointments.


Yes! Our backpack is airline and flight compliant. You just need to check the dimensions of our bag against the policies of the airlines.

Even if our backpacks are very popular for adventures, you can use it for veterinarian appointment, public transport & more!

It's very important to let them explore the backpack. You can also put toys or treats in it. Leaving it open in the house is also a great idea so it will become a place to sleep, play or hide.

Of course. All our backpack are safe and breathable. You can even attach your cat harness inside for more safety.