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We're a passionate team based in Quebec.

We started our journey in 2019 with a clear goal: to enhance the health and happiness of pets.

Our products are crafted with love and deep care, designed to promote both the physical and mental well-being of cats & dogs!

We believe that the right gear can make a huge difference in a pet’s life!

That's why our range includes everything from backpack to engaging lick mats and stylish yet functional bed.

Each item is made to ensure your pet enjoys comfort, safety, and a lot of fun.

As pet owners ourselves,

we're committed to providing your pets with products that support their active lifestyles and boost their overall health.


Where is your small business based?

Artemisclothing is proudly based in Quebec, where we started our journey in 2019!

We are committed to enhance the health and happiness of pets from the heart of Quebec to the rest of the world!

However, please note that our products are not made in Quebec, but in China.

Do you deliver worldwide?


We believe every pet deserves the best in health and comfort, so we offer free shipping worldwide (order 10$+)!

No matter where you are, your pet can enjoy the benefits of our products!

Where do you ship from?

Our products are shipped from a few different locations!

Depending on the stock availability, we commonly ship from our warehouses in the USA and China.

Occasionally, orders are also shipped from Quebec.

What's the shipping cost?

We offer free shipping worldwide!

No matter where you are or what you order, if it's over $10, shipping is on us!

We believe every pet around the world deserves the best, without extra costs.