Safety Belt

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Color - Red
This safety belt for dogs and cats is specially designed for their safety and yours. It's an essential.
  • Comfortable, simple, durable and adjustable, this belt attaches to your pet's collar or harness with a snap hook and is compatible with standard car seat belt buckles.
  • It keeps your pet well anchored for the safety of all passengers, animals and humans.
  • In order to ensure the safety of your pet while maintaining their comfort and a little mobility, we offer this seat belt that attaches easily in your car.
  • Protects the person and the animal during the journey: keeps your dog attached and prevents them from moving around the car.
  • Particularly resistant: all fasteners are metal resistant and the strap is anti-tear nylon.
  • Simple attachment to the harness or collar.
  • Engage the lock in the car's belt buckle. Also very easy.
  • Adjustable width depending on the needs and size of your pet.
  • Several colors available.

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