Modern Heating Pet Bowl
Modern Heating Pet Bowl
Modern Heating Pet Bowl
Modern Heating Pet Bowl

Modern Heating Pet Bowl

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Meet our new Heating Bowl. Warm food is way better for your fur baby. Let me tell you why this bowl is essential in your pet's life.

Warming your pet's food will increase the scent and the taste of the food. This provide a better experience for cats & dogs. In the wild, they are predators and they eat warm food. Warm food can helps if your pet lost appetite: this is usually the case with anxious and old pets.

If you keep food in the fridge, your are serving it cold. If your keep your pets outdoor, the water can be very cold or iced.

Then you'll tell me: what about microwaving the food? Microwaving can kill off many essential nutrients for your pets so it's not the best option.

Our modern bowl allows to control the temperature. Not too hot and not too cold. Just perfect!

  • The round bowl is made of stainless steel and is removable to make it easy to clean 
  • Easy to adjust with digital display: adjustable from 30-39℃
  • The temperature unit can be switched between Celsius ℃ and Fahrenheit ℉
  • Protective Function: the smart chip with multiple protection to make it safe to use.

What are you waiting for to upgrade your pet's comfort?

Square is 1L capacity & Round is 1.5L capacity.

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