EndlessPaw - Custom Pet Necklace

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EndlessPaw is the most unique jewelry for pet lovers. Pets leave paw prints in our heart & this is the best way to remember them. You can now create a custom necklace with a photo inside. This sweet necklace is the perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

  • Perfect for daily use
  • Made with love by skilled artisans
  • Immortalize your dog, cat or any other animal. 
  • Unique necklace you'll treasure for life
  • High quality 925 silver
  • Wonderful gift choice

How does it work?

Just upload the photo of your pet and artists will make a unique necklace with care and love.

How can you see your pet?

Method 1:

Turn on your phone's camera and point it at the center of the gem to capture customized content. Note: don't block the light behind the gem

Method 2:

Turn on the flashlight function under dark conditions, and focus the back center of the gem on the flashlight to project color photos. Note: the gem is facing the wall, do not block the light

Method 3:

In natural light or lamplight, directly aim your eyes at the center of the gem, with your eyes about 1cm away from the gem. Note: don't block the light with anything after dark. This way you can see the photo clearly

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