Luxury Pet Teepee

$85.00 $60.00

Discover our new pet teepee: suitable for small and medium-sized cats and dogs.

  • Stable, resistant and high quality teepee: solid wood that is bite resistant.
  • Safe: rope that can be easily attached so that your teepee stays in place.
  • Improves sleep and reduces anxiety: animals need their own comfortable and personal space to have a deep sleep that reduces anxiety problems. 

  • Easily washable: a teepee that is always clean for your pet.
  • Personalized: you can even write your pet's name on the small board, which is provided in your order.
  •  Soft, modern and comfortable: you will love it as much as your pet, it is a perfect decoration! It will certainly charm dogs and cats.
  • Compact: you can easily bring it with you, since your pet will no longer be able to do without it!


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