Harness - Luxury Neoprene Collection

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This harness is designed for dogs & cats.

Yes, a cat on a leash is possible. This activity is far from ridiculous or meaningless. Felines love to spend time outdoors. However, leaving them alone carries a lot of risks, some of which are even fatal. 

Walking them on a leash is the perfect and safe solution.

  • It is a perfect and economical solution: it enriches their environment, strengthens bonds, the animal uses its 5 senses and exercises and in addition, you will have lots of comments from people who will compliment you in the street!
  • Safe: your pet cannot escape from his harness if you purchase the right size. The fabric is lightweight so as not to disturb your pet when travelling or on hotter days.
  • Adjustable: our harnesses are easy to put on and take off and fit on to your pet easily.


Neck Chest
S 22cm 28-39m
M 28cm 38-49cm
L 34cm 46-62cm

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