Life jacket

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Specially designed for your pets: dog or cat. It is perfect for expeditions on the water and even when you are near a lake, river or the sea. Essential for the beach and swimming pool. This life jacket can save your pet's life. Contrary to popular belief, many dogs die from drowning every year. Invest in their safety.


  • Quick drying
  • Reflective Stripes (good visibility even at night for more safety)
  • Attaches with velcro strap and adjustable straps. The safety of your pet is important to us, this jacket is adjustable and safe.

Even the strongest dogs need a life jacket. Why?

  • Some breeds of dogs do not have the ability to swim.
  • Even the best swimmers can get exhausted.
  • Accidents happen quickly when you least expect it.
  • Life Jacket keeps your pet warm in cold waters.
  • Allows you to locate your dog easily in a lake or the sea.
  • Easier to teach them how to swim.
  • They're more comfortable in the water.
  • And...your pet will be adorable and safe.



Weight Estimation


28-35 cm | 7.85-13.75 in

~ 0-3 kg


30-42 cm | 11.8-16.50 in

~3-6 kg


40-53 cm | 15.74-20.85 in

~6-9 kg


45-63 cm | 17.7-24.8 in

~9-15 kg

L 50-75 cm | 19.68-29.5 in ~15-21 kg
XL 70-95 cm | 27.55-37.4 in ~21-35 kg


90-120 cm | 35.43-47.24 in

~35-40 kg

Warning:Life jackets increase buoyancy when dogs swim, making dogs safer, but some dogs cannot swim at all, and they will panic when they enter the water. There is a small probability that this event can occur, so when some dogs swim for the first time, it is best to let them adapt for a period of time under supervision. In this way, accidents can be avoided. Arthemisclothing is not responsible for accidents. Even if they have a life jacket, animals must be supervised. 


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