Little Explorer Backpack

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Do you like camping, hiking and adventures? 
This backpack allows you to bring your pet with you.

Why is this bag better than all the others?

 Go on an adventure in complete safety. You can attach your pet's harness to the inside of the bag.

 This bag allows your pet to breathe without any problem. 

Maximum weight: For small cats & dogs only. The Large Adventure Backpack is for larger pets.

* The backpack in this video is our large adventure backpack.

- 100% safe and breathable

- Adjustable and comfortable straps with chest strap

- Supplied with transparent bubble and grid: you can easily change between the 2 according to your needs

- You can attach the collar or harness inside for added safety


Why do you need this backpack?

  •  Hiking / Outdoor Activity 
  • Veterinarian Appointment
  • Public Transport
  • Boat / Camping 
  • Airplane / Car 

- Several ventilation spaces to allow your pet to enjoy the trip in complete safety!

- This bag is very strong. Your pet cannot run away. 

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